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  • Step 1: Join Our Email List & Get Your Welcome Letter

Step 1: Join Our Email List & Get Your Welcome Letter


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Step 1. become a product of product

The best way to get others to see the power of our products, is to be a product of the product. AS you’re getting started, you’ll want to order products that you can use personally, that you want to build your personal testimony up for, and consume those products. By building up your personal testimony, others will be encouraged and inspired to try them, which will help you boost sales for your business.

Step 4. build list

The fast action way to grow your business is to build up your list in the first 24 hours of those that are potential customers and potential business partners. When it comes to reaching your goals in your business, you’ll need both customers and sales. The way to expedite the process is to tell everyone you know what you have, what you’re doing and offer them the opportunity to do business with you by adding them to your list, call them, and TELL THEM what you have to offer.


Set a goal to list at least 25 Customers and 25 Potential Business partners that you can connect IMMEDIATELY to introduce to your products and business, and contact them all within the next 24-48 hours to get your business going.

Download the “Memory Jogger” Document in our resources section to help you identify those 25 customers and 25 potential business partners

Step #5. schedule VGO or home party

One of the most exciting aspects about launching your own business is THE PARTY! We believe in having fun and turning everything we do into a celebration, so consider the Virtual Grand Opening or Home Party your personal ribbon cutting ceremony where you can invite all your family and friends to celebrate with you.

When it comes to launching the party, this is a simple event to pull together. You can do it in your home, office space, local library room, wherever. Our recommendation is to be sure to host it where you can feel comfortable, and make your guests feel comfortable.

The goal of the event is all about introduce people to your products, allowing them to sample them and learning more about the business opportunity.


Pull out your calendar, and lock in 3-4 dates within the next 30 days, now for the launch of your business.
Be sure to see our “How To Launch Your Grand Opening” guide and information in the Resources Section

Step #6. plug into system (training calls, local events, company national events etc)

In order to win big in your business and continue to see growth you must stay plugged in and get connected. We’ve put together simple systems to help you stay connected, be notified of upcoming events, team calls, team trainings and so much more.


Find our list with our team events Now here on this page, and lock in the calls + trainings in your phone calendar so you never miss an event again!
See our Team Call Info listed above and be sure to get plugged in

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