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Jeff’s and Janella’s Interviews and Features

Hey Supreme Team Superstar,

We are Jeff & Janella Simpson, and we’re so excited to have you on board with the Supreme Team.

Every single day, we are anticipating working with superstars such as yourself, who are hungry, driven, motivated and committed to turning their lives around as well as the future of your family.

Our BackStory

When we said yes to joining Total Life Changes, November 2015, we had no idea how this company would change the dynamics of our family’s life.

We went from working hard, in not the nicest neighborhoods, day in and day out for 15 years in the Health, Life and Annuities Insurance industry, to now working from home being home with our family, while building a team all over the world with some amazing people.

Despite the fact that we worked hard with long hours, I must say, we were able to live comfortably, We were both generating a 6 Figure Income prior to saying yes (separately), and to be honest, We were not looking to leave our careers.

We had most things we needed as a family and could afford to live a pretty good quality of life. However, the one thing we lacked through it all was T-I-M-E!

With this company we gained our time freedom, without even realizing that we truly needed it.

We worked TLC Part time while still focusing full time on our insurance jobs. Little did we know what our Christmas Gift would be from the company that Janella had devoted so much time and energy to.

One week before Christmas, Janella was called into an emergency meeting where 50 people were let go from the insurance company. Of the 50 people eliminated and laid off, Janella was one of them.

When Janella was laid off, I (Jeff) called in WELL to his job and said “I’m so WELL that I won’t be in anymore”, and at that point we both decided to go FULL-TIME with TLC.

“Thanks to TLC, We went from earning 6 Figures Per Year, To earning 6 Figures PER MONTH!!”

One of the greatest things that we love about what this industry has done, is how the company has opened doors to help so many families live a better quality of life. Its allowing families to go from Full Time Employees to Full Time Moms & Dads! Not to mention, We truly do have the #1 compensation plan.

“Thanks to Total life Changes we went from FULL-TIME to FULL TIME mom and dad earning 7 figures in 2 years.”

How we can help you

We put this team training site together to help you get an overview of the steps you can take to get rapid results. When we first got started, we wanted to do whatever we could to replace our income, and hustle was all we knew, so that’s what we did.

However, over time, we’ve discovered the simple steps and the formula to building a profitable business within tlc.

This team training site is designed to give you everything you need to jumpstart your business so make sure you follow the steps in this order

Step #1: Go through our Getting Started Training
Step #2: Complete our Training Videos to guide you through the process

We’re beyond amazed, at just how many people around the world are experiencing phenomenal results from what we’re teaching and sharing with you in this guide.

If you’re willing to commit for the next 90 days to do what it takes to win in this company, then I can assure you that you will experience life changing results, that will far exceed your goals and the financial earnings that you could ever believe were possible.

Now it’s time to get to work, so let’s get started with The Blueprint!

To Your Success,
Jeff & Janella Simpson